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Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam

Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam

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By playing this game, we can learn about the problems created by humanity in the world and how these problems can be solved together. The emotional upbringing that the whole world is a family will be instilled in children.

This will be a wonderful and exciting trip. There is a game that is of interest to the old man from the age of eight and keeps him hooked till the end.

 What makes this game interesting is its main 7 superheroes. Each of these superheroes has the power to deal with problems. Using this power they destroy the problems that run on that continent. It's like learning the experience of how well all these superheroes work together.


 Three to seven people can play this game at a time.

  • Age


  • what children will get?

    • Problem cards, solution cards, Super Hero & Super Girls, Game Board

    • Manual explaining how to play the game

  • what children will learn?

    • Problem Solving Skills

    • Leadership

    • Collaboration

    • Share & Care

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